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Horses in Switzerland. __If you find any of these pictures useful for your business  or a


From spectacular transformations to ongoing projects, scroll through some of the projects I have been really proud to be involved in below 

Barefoot Dressage starts on the ground

The lovely team here got me in to help steer their next steps after succesfully implementing an equicentral system. After my visit and report, they are now confidentally managing a range of habitats for horses and wildlife, creating ponds, and expanding the set up to include a track system, and third herd. 


3* Eventer

This 100 acre ancient farm was home to a range of horses and ponies, from sporthorse foals, eventers and elderly miniatures, as well as a large flock of sheep. We identified ways to manage water on such a flat property, opportunities for further SFI funding, and small adaptations to create successful track and equicentral hybrid systems around the farm. 

Training of Foals

Track troubles solved

This site was challenging, with different management styles on the same land from different parties, laminitis prone horses and a sloping land with unhealthy soils. We agreed on a seasonal approach to the track system, a mangement plan for ungrazed areas as well as a redesign of the layout to increase movement, protect soil and grass. 

Wild Horses

Dream property kickstarter

My lovely client knew she wanted to get it right in her new, dream property for nature, herself and her horses. I visited in November 2023, we looked at every aspect together, problem solving and developing ideas to set up a rotational system that improved safe horse handling, pasture resting times, and allowed 24/7 turnout. I created a land management calendar based on her soil tests, local wildlife and grazing patterns, with key information on how to stay land-led and adaptable so both horses and nature could flourish. 


Sustainable livery yard

This is an ongoing project, I visit 4 times per year with remote support in between. This project is turning a former overgrazed livery and farm into a sustainable livery/ training yard, for multiple herds to flourish. Focus this year is on sustainably managing the hay fields to produce palatable hay, something they have struggled with in previous years, creating new tracks and equicentral areas while new buildings are completed. I am also supporting them to attract the right type of clients when they open.  


Yorkshire spring

This was an entirely online consultation, with a newly purchased, never grazed before site containing a spring, a culvert, small acreage and already churned up ground from the first week of the horses arrival. We designed an equicentral layout together, as well as a management plan to maximise the grazing and keep the horses healthy and safe. 

Wetland Creation
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